3 New Year Resolutions For a Cleaner & Healthier Home in 2022

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3 New Year Resolutions For a Cleaner & Healthier Home in 2022

Every year, we get down and make resolutions about losing weight, saving money, and taking more vacations. But, aside from organization, what are your home's goals? This year brought with it a slew of new tasks, including home improvements and renovations. In the spirit of fresh starts, we've compiled a short list of new year's resolutions for your home in 2022 that will make it a cleaner and healthier place.


1. Pay attention to indoor air quality.

We'll be spending more time indoors in 2022 if we learn anything from 2021. One of the most crucial markers of the environment you live in is indoor air quality. Make it a New Year's resolve to keep your filtration devices in good working order and to change your furnace filters on a regular basis. Smoke, cooking smells, and humidity can all be eliminated by using localized ventilation in restrooms and kitchens. Invest in air purifiers for your entire home to enhance overall air quality and ensure that you are breathing clean air.


2. Make a cleaning schedule. 

You can certainly declutter and arrange as much as you wish. However, without a cleaning schedule, your home will never be as tidy as you like. Make a program or regimen for cleaning the house on a regular basis. Do your best to do the dishes every day, tidy up and put away stuff strewn over the floor, and begin with simple routines like making the bed.

You can clean the house in segments once a week. You may, for example, schedule bathroom cleaning on Saturdays and vacuuming on Wednesdays. It will be quite beneficial to have things written down and even scheduled in your calendar.


3. Pay attention to areas that have been ignored.

Finally, make a resolution to give attention to areas that have been overlooked. Consider when you last cleaned your refrigerator coils, dryer vents, or arranged your attic. Cleaning and maintenance tasks like these aren't normally high on people's to-do lists. However, doing them will allow your home to run more efficiently for a longer period of time.

Your dishwasher, showerheads, and air conditioner are some of the other chores that slip between the gaps. Make a list of the areas of your home that you frequently ignore, and make it your new year's resolution to complete them by the end of 2022.


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