Why Do You Need to Use an Air Purifier in the Winter?

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Why Do You Need to Use an Air Purifier in the Winter?

With cranked-up heating systems, increased fireplace use, and tightly-sealed windows, your indoor air quality may require some assistance this winter. A high-quality BreathPureNow Air Purifier is one option.

Our portable devices provide an additional layer of filtration, resulting in cleaner, fresher air. These are 3 more reasons to add air purifiers to your home as the temperature drops outdoors, in addition to that potential indoor air quality boost:

1. Ventilation decreases during the wintertime. 

Closing doors and windows is the first action most homeowners take to winterize their homes. You can also add more insulation, like as weather strips, to minimize the amount of airflow entering and exiting your home.

While winterizing is an important element of keeping your home energy efficient when it's chilly outside, it also reduces the amount of natural ventilation available. Foreign particles migrate with more air flowing through your home.

Particles are more prone to accumulate inside your ducts, on your furniture, and in your carpeting during the winter when ventilation is reduced. This settling prolongs the presence of toxins in your house, raising the risk of unfavorable reactions.

Due to the high indoor heat temperatures and high ambient moisture levels, your home's air is more likely to contain mold spores throughout the winter. These particles could have a variety of unwanted side effects for your family if you don't have proper ventilation or an air purifier.

2. Potential disease exposure is increased. 

As winter approaches, you know that certain ailments will afflict practically every member of your family before the season is over.

One of the reasons you're more likely to get sick in the winter is because when you take up germs outside and then return inside, the settling described in the preceding section keeps the bacteria in play for longer.

Certain bacteria and viruses can dwell on any surface and, if not filtered out by an air purifier, can cause disease either immediately or long after they enter your home.

3. You're stuck indoors for longer periods of time. 

Winter means spending more time indoors, frequently with far more people than you would normally have in your home. While entertaining friends and family members can help you beat the winter blues, it also degrades your home's indoor air quality.

New contaminants may be introduced by visitors, which will settle and remain in your air over time. Furthermore, as we described earlier, breathing and heating processes with insufficient ventilation can make your air stale and possibly pollute it.


Check out our variety of Air Purifiers for wherever you may be this winter- snuggled up at home, in the car, or at the office!